Threaded Dust Collector Power Pulse Valves

Threaded Dust Collector Power Pulse Valves

Qingdao Star Machine, a reputable manufacturer and supplier with a strong foothold in China, is a specialist in filter bags, filter cloth, and Threaded Dust Collector Power Pulse Valves. With a rich history of expertise in these areas, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality filtration solutions. Our focus extends beyond products; we consider your success our success and aim to build long-lasting partnerships. Environmental stewardship is a pivotal element of our mission, and we take pride in offering sustainable filtration solutions. Qingdao Star Machine is your compelling choice for a long-term partnership in China, offering competitive pricing and a widespread presence in European and American markets.

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Product Description

Tailored for dust collector service applications, the Qingdao Star Machine SMCC 353 Series Threaded Dust Collector Power Pulse Valves offer a compelling fusion of high flow, extended service life, and swift opening and closing actions, ensuring a dependable, cost-efficient performance and attractive price. The incorporation of high-flow, angled bodies, along with specialized main diaphragm assemblies, provides the distinct operational characteristics needed for dust collector service applications. Moreover, the presence of integral compression fittings simplifies the installation process by obviating the requirement for threaded piping.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Model Number: SCG353A047 Make: SMCC
Body Material: Aluminium Alloy Diaphragm Kit: NBR
Coil: 400425117 400425142 Protection Class: IP65 With Cable Plug

Product Feature And Application

Tailor-made for threaded dust collector power pulse valves applications, especially for reverse pulse jet filter cleaning methods and their variations, such as bag filters, cartridge filters, envelope filters, ceramic filters, and sintered metal fiber filters, the SMCC 353 Series pulse jet valve is a standout performer.

Threaded dust collector power pulse valves boast a high-purity aluminum alloy casting body and a top-tier NBR diaphragm, providing exceptional tensile strength, resistance to aging, and minimal wear. The electromagnetic threaded pulse valve offers impressive durability, with the ability to withstand over one million cycles or operate flawlessly for three to five years.

The manufacturing process includes thorough quality checks for all high-quality imported finished diaphragms before assembly. Each completed valve undergoes meticulous ventilation testing. The threaded dust collector power pulse valves' coils surpass national insulation standards, achieving an IP65 rating for full protection. Featuring full copper enameled wire and a coil count exceeding national standards, it ensures trouble-free operation, even after six million energization cycles. Furthermore, the electromagnetic coil offers a 360°rotation within the pulse valve, and the junction box can rotate 90°, facilitating installation and safeguarding against rain exposure in various orientations.

Product Details

Ordering Code Port Size Orifice Flow Value Coil type
G Threaded mm m3/h l/min
SCG353A047 1 1/2″ 52 46 768 400425
SCG353A050 2″ 66 77 1290 400425
SCG353A051 2 1/2″ 66 92 1540 400425
SCG353A060 3″ 75 170 2833 400425

Body Aluminum
Core tube Stainless steel
Core and Plug nut Stainless steel
Core Spring Stainless steel
Sealing & disc CR (chloroprene)
Diaphragm NBR(nitrile/buna-n)
Shading coil Copper
Connector DIN43650A
Voltage DC: 24V, AC: 24V,48V,110V,230V
Working Temperature -20 to +85℃
Protection Class IP65
Coil Insulation Class F
Working Pressure 0.35-0.85Mpa


Coil insulation class F

Connector Spade plug (cable Ø 6 – 10 mm)

Connector specification ISO 4400 / EN 175301-803, form A

Electrical safety IEC 335

Standard voltages DC (=): 24V

(Other voltages and 60 Hz on request) AC (~): 24V – 115V – 230V / 50 Hz

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