Solid-Liquid Separation Filter Cloth
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Solid-Liquid Separation Filter Cloth

Qingdao Star Machine wholesale solid-liquid separation filter cloth mainly includes polyester filter cloth, polypropylene filter cloth, nylon filter cloth, and vinylon filter cloth. Material properties of filter cloth: acid and weak alkali resistance. Good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and recovery, but poor conductivity. Polyester fibers generally have a temperature resistance of 130-150 ℃. In addition to the unique advantages of ordinary felt filter fabrics, this product also has excellent wear resistance and high cost-effectiveness, making it the most widely used type of felt filter media.

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Product Description

Product Feature

SMCC high quality Solid-liquid separation filter cloth has multiple types, stable performance, sturdy and durable, with a wide range of applications. The solid-liquid separation filter cloth is an indispensable choice for industrial filters.

Product Classification

Solid-liquid separation filter cloth can be customized according to customer's requirements.

Need good air permeability, please choose PP filter cloth.

If wear resistance is more important, choose polyester filter fabrics.

Need acid and alkali resistance and high strength filter cloth, nylon Solid-liquid separation filter cloth is your choice,

Vinylon filter cloths are resistant to strong alkali and are an important solution for filtration in industries such as the rubber industry.

Product Advantages

Qingdao Star Machine solid-liquid separation filter cloth has a wide variety of products, strong production and manufacturing capabilities, low prices, timely delivery, customizable according to customer needs, and 7*24hours after-sales service

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