Solenoid Pulse Valve

Solenoid Pulse Valve

Qingdao Star Machine is a professional solenoid pulse valve factory in China with strong technical support, low price, high quality and latest selling solenoid pulse valve.The Solenoid Pulse Valve, also known as the pulse diaphragm jet valve, is an essential part in air dust collector automation.

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Product Description

A SMCC newest solenoid pulse valve is an electro-mechanical device used in various industrial applications, especially in controlling the flow of air or other gases. Solenoid pulse valve is used to control the direction of fluid flow through electromagnetic means. It consists of a solenoid coil, a membrane, a rubber disc and a plunger assembly within a valve house.

These solenoid pulse valves are commonly used in applications like dust collection filtration systems, air-pulse cleaning systems, pneumatic systems, and various automated industrial processes where precise control of gas flow is required.

Their ability to rapidly open and close, coupled with their reliability and durability, makes solenoid pulse valves a popular choice in many industrial settings.

Optipow solenoid pulse valve is one popular solenoid pulse valve with big discount.To choose us is to choose safety and quality.

Basic feature:

Name Optipow Pulse Jet Valve
MODEL V1614718-0400
Voltage 120V 60HZ
Nominal diameter DN100
Condition 100% New
Brand SMCC
Quality Good
Features Durable, High performance
Advantages Easy to Install
Durability Long life, one million times cycles
Usage For Industrial bag filter
Working medium Clean dry compressed air
Injection time(Pulse width) 60-100MS
Pulse interval time ≥60S
Filter area 120㎡
For Filter bag 27 piece
Working Pressure 0.2-0.6MPa
Protection grade IP65
Insulation grade H
KV/CV value 518.85/605.5
Warranty 24 months

Solenoid Pulse valve images:

Solenoid pulse valve Dimension sketch and assembly


Similar solenoid pulse valve and model number:

Main material of main parts of solenoid pulse valve:

Part Material
Valve house aluminum alloy ABC-12
Plunger reinforced nylon 66
Membrane buna-N rubber
Rubber Disc special rubber
O-ring fluor rubber
Pilot Cover aluminum alloy ABC-12

Package details for solenoid pulse valve optipow 135:

Optipow solenoid pulse valve 135 Quantity Carton Packing Size with Foam box
1pc 185mm*195mm*297mm
2pc 380mm*195mm*297mm
4pc 380mm*380mm*297mm
6pc 580mm*380mm*297mm

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Qingdao Star Machine has 20 years of experience in the production and service of industrial dust collectors. We not only provide customer solenoid pulse valves, but also we are industry leader in industrial air dust collectors. The customized transportation, ocean shipping, UPS, FEDEX and DHL air shipping, can greatly save transportation time and cost, the independent proprietary foam box packaging makes our products safer, and 7 * 24 expert online service makes our users worry free.

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