Refuse Classification Filter Cloth

Refuse Classification Filter Cloth

China Qingdao Star Machine is Refuse classification filter cloth supplier.that is a filter equipment used in the process of garbage sorting and treatment, mainly used in the field of industrial and urban waste treatment.
Refuse classification filter cloth is usually made of corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, wear resistant materials, such as polyester fiber, polypropylene fiber, polyamide fiber and so on. Its structure is divided into single layer or multi-layer.

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Product Description

Qingdao Star Machine's top quality Refuse classification filter cloth with cheap price, the main function is to filter the garbage and impurities in the liquid and gas, and improve the efficiency and cleanliness of garbage disposal. In the process of waste treatment, the filter cloth can intercept garbage particles and moisture, reducing the difficulty and cost of subsequent treatment.

In addition, Refuse classification filter cloth can also be applied to other aspects of environmental protection, such as water treatment, air purification and so on. Its advantages include efficient filtration, strong durability, easy cleaning and maintenance.


Material Polyester fiber/polypropylene fiber/polyamide fiber/PTFE fiber
Weight g/m² 800-1200
Thickness mm 1.5-2.5
Air Perm m³/m²/min 1-3
Temperature Resistance <200(It depends on the material)
Corrosion Resistance Suitable for all kinds of acid and alkali environment
Service  Life month 12-24(Depending on the material and use environment)
Filter Fineness μm <100(It depends on the material)
Application Field Industrial dust removal, air purification, water treatment and other fields

Advantages of Refuse classification filter cloth include:

1 Efficient filtration of waste and impurities in liquids and gases, improve the efficiency and cleanliness of waste disposal.

2 Strong durability, can be used for a long time, reduce the frequency and cost of replacement.

3 Easy to clean and maintain, can save time and labor costs.

4 Different materials and structures of Refuse classification filter cloth can be selected according to actual needs to meet different filtration needs.

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