Pilot Solenoid Valve
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Pilot Solenoid Valve

SMCC low price Pilot solenoid valve is the driving part of the the Optipow series pulse valve, which is used to generate electromagnetic force and drive the diaphragm of the Optipow pulse jet valve to open and close.We are committed to providing you with excellent pre-sales and after-sales services. Our professional team will provide you with detailed product information, customized suggestions, and answer any questions you may have. If you encounter any problems while using the product, we will respond quickly and provide timely and effective solutions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs or concerns.


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Product Description

SMCC quality Pilot solenoid valve is an extremely compact solenoid control valve and is available is used as an actuator in closed control loops (pressure, flow, temperature, etc.). Compared to the standard version, the valve has a simpler construction and optimized assembly and testing procedures, making high-volume production faster and easier.

Product Parameter

NAME: Pilot solenoid valve,V3640645-0200
TYPE: Burkert,
MODEL: 3/2-way solenoid valve; direct acting 0312-D-02,5-FF-MS-FB01-120 / DC-08 * JH54 - Bürkert
ARTICLE CODE: 00125079

Product Advantage

Due to its compact design structure and relatively low manufacturing cost, low noise, pilot solenoid valve is widely used.

Product Apllication

Pilot solid valve is a switch that controls various filters, discharge valves, and other equipment to achieve control over environmentally friendly equipment. Compared with traditional solenoid valves, Pilot solenoid valve have higher sensitivity and accuracy, which can more accurately control the operation of equipment and improve environmental efficiency.

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