Optipow135 Valve Plunger
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Optipow135 Valve Plunger

Qingdao Star Machine’s high performance Optipow135 Valve Plunger is a component used for pulse jet valve dust collectors, with clean compressed air as the working medium and a working pressure of 0.2~0.7MPa. During the pulse dust removal of Optipow pulse jet valve process, the optipow135 valve plunger will open or close according to the control of the pulse valve to control the inlet and outlet of compressed air.


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Product Description

The manufacturing material of SMCC optipow135 valve plunger is usually Reinforced Nylon 66 or 6% Fiber Glass, and the surface is polished or sprayed to improve its corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In the application of pulse dust collectors, the design and manufacturing quality of the piston will directly affect the performance and efficiency of the entire pulse dust collector. Therefore, selecting high-quality pulse valve pistons is crucial for the normal operation of pulse dust collectors.

Product Feature

The design and manufacturing of the optipow135 valve plunger consider factors such as pressure resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance to ensure their normal operation and long service life.

Product Parameter

PLUNGER V3629022-0100 Optipow135,Burkert,Danfoss 134.82mm 118.66mm 65.38mm REINFORCED NYLON 66 540g/pc

Product Maintenance

The optipow135 valve plunger needs regular inspection and maintenance during use to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life. Common inspection and maintenance tasks include checking the wear of the piston, cleaning the surface of the piston of dust and dirt, and replacing damaged pistons.

Product Advantage

Qingdao Star Machine optipow135 valve plunger is an upgraded product developed on the basis of years of practical experience. The pulse of each Qingdao Star Machine optipow135 valve plunger ensures more than 1 million times, and Qingdao Star Machine optipow135 valve plunger has better low-temperature resistance, ensuring normal operation under low temperature conditions of minus 40 degrees Celsius. From casting and molding of composite nylon raw materials to mechanical processing and heat treatment, we strictly follow the process flow to ensure our optipow135 valve plunger has high-quality, and our ultra long quality guarantee period is 2 years.

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