Optipow 135 Pulse Jet Valve

Optipow 135 Pulse Jet Valve

fashion products OPTIPOW 135 Pulse Jet Valve is from Qingdao Star Machine,It plays a switch role in the dust removal system of pulse bag filter. It is controlled by receiving the output signal of the pulse jet control equipment, so that the dust is cleaned into the filter bag bit by bit to maintain the dust resistance of the filter room, so as to ensure the function and the dust removal effectiveness of the filter room.

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Product Description

Qingdao Star Machine wholesale OPTIPOW 135 Pulse Jet Valve with cheap price and high quality,the working principle of the pulse injection valve is to use the pulse injection technology to remove the dust on the surface of the filter bag by spraying compressed air in the dust collector. Specifically, OPTIPOW 135 Pulse Jet Valve is composed of a solenoid valve, a spray pipe and a gas bag. When the pulse signal triggers the solenoid valve, the compressed air will be quickly sprayed from the air bag through the spray pipe to the filter bag, forming a strong air flow, which will blow the dust on the surface of the filter bag to achieve the purpose of dust removal.

The structure of valve mainly includes the following parts:

1 Valve body: The valve body is the main part of the pulse injection valve, usually made of pressure and corrosion resistant metal material, used to support and protect the internal components.

2 Diaphragm: The diaphragm is one of the key components of the OPTIPOW 135 Pulse Jet Valve, which can feel the output signal of the pulse jet and control the opening and closing of the valve. The diaphragm is usually made of elastic material, which has good sealing performance and pressure resistance.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Advantages of OPTIPOW 135 Pulse Jet Valve

1. Efficient dust removal: Through efficient pulse jet control, can effectively clean the dust in the filter room, improve the dust removal efficiency

2. Easy maintenance: simple structure, easy to maintain and replace parts.

3. Compact appearance: Compared with traditional pulse valves, OPTIPOW 135 Pulse Jet Valve are more compact in appearance, which can reduce the limitation of filter bag spacing and make the layout of the equipment more flexible.

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