Optipow 105 Filter Plunger

Optipow 105 Filter Plunger

Qingdao Star Machine’s high quality Optipow 105 Filter Plunger is important of the OPTIPOW 105 Pulse Jet Valve.A plunger that prevents impurities or particles from entering the system, usually in hydraulic or pneumatic transmission systems. These plungers usually have good wear and corrosion resistance, which can effectively protect the efficient operation of the entire system.

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Product Description

Qingdao Star Machine is manufacturer of Optipow 105 Filter Plunger with high-quality.Filter plunger material has two of options, common including nylon 66 and glass fiber.

Optipow 105 Filter Plunger are suitable for various types of liquid filtration, including the following:

1 Chemical liquids: such as acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids.

2 Pharmaceutical liquid: such as drugs, reagents and other high purity liquid.

3 Food liquids: such as beverages, alcohol, condiments and other food processing liquids.

4 Petroleum liquids: such as petroleum, diesel, lubricating oil and other petrochemical liquids

Product Parameter

Plunger V3630527-0100 Optipow105,Burkert,Danfoss 104.72mm 88.34mm 47.38mm REINFORCED NYLON 66 265g/pc

The main functions of the high quality Optipow 105 Filter Plunger include:

1 Filter impurities: The Optipow 105 filter plunger has small pores, which can filter out impurities and particles in the liquid, such as metal chips, glass chips, glue, etc.

2 Protect the plunger pump: If impurities enter the plunger pump, they will cause wear and blockage of the plunger pump, and this can be avoided by using the Optipow 105 filter plunger.

3 Improve the efficiency of the pump: The use of filter plungers can reduce the energy consumption of the pump and improve the efficiency of the pump.

4 Extend pump life: By filtering impurities and protecting the plunger pump, the Optipow 105 filter plunger can extend pump life.

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