Fluoro Rubber O-Ring
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Fluoro Rubber O-Ring

Qingdao Star Machine Fluoro Rubber O-Ring is made of fluorine rubber which has high temperature, fuel, and chemical resistance, Hardness of 70A for resistance to penetration. It can be used across a wide temperature range from -4 degrees F(-20 degrees C) to 482 degrees F(250 degrees C). It is seals for fuel handling systems, high temperature/low compression set applications, chemical exposure situations, etc. It provides sealing and prevents leaking for a wide range of applications such as plumbing, machinery, hydraulic & pneumatic repairs and much more.

Model:8003-5573 Fluor rubber 64.5X3.1

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Product Description


Qingdao Star Machine provides quality Fluoro Rubber O-Ringg. It has good resistance to high temperature, oxidation, oil, corrosion, and atmospheric aging.

Applied in fields such as aerospace, aviation, automotive, petroleum, and household appliances.

Product Parameter

O-RING 8003-5573 Optipow105,Burkert,Danfoss 64.5mm 3.1mm Fluor Rubber 2g/pc

Selected raw materials, safe and environmentally friendly

The rubber materials are all from internationally renowned brands, such as DuPont in the United States, Dow Corning, JSR in Japan, etc;

Qingdao Star Machine Fluoro Rubber O-Ring is produced in accordance with national standards, AS568, JIS, and other standards, with materials certified by third parties such as ROHS, REACH, and FDA;

Qingdao Star Machine Fluoro Rubber O-Ring is fine, with high mold accuracy and no burrs or bumps.

Advanced equipment and mature technology

Qingdao Star Machine Fluoro Rubber O-Ring adopts a stable production vulcanization unit and a precision machining center CNC;

Qingdao Star Machine has a complete production process to ensure product sealing and quality stability

Precision testing and quality monitoring

The precision testing instruments ensure the qualification rate of Qingdao Star Machine Fluoro Rubber O-Ring products, and ensure that they are checked layer by layer to prevent defective products from being sent into the hands of customers;

The production process of Qingdao Star Machine Fluoro Rubber O-Ring is strictly controlled, achieving pre prevention, process control, and traceability afterwards

Value added services, worry free after-sales service

Qingdao Star Machine has comprehensive supply chain management and implements effective cargo transportation plans to ensure timely delivery

Qingdao Star Machine provides value-added services such as early participation in Fluoro Rubber O-Ring, product design, material development, and secondary processing, such as grinding or spraying, special packaging, and assembly

Qingdao Star Machine provides customers with rapid prototype production of rubber parts (rapid samples), which accelerates the development process of new products and greatly shortens the cycle of product introduction to the market.

Qingdao Star Machine Advantage

Quality first, lowest price, continuous innovation, and serving customers

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