Dust Collector Solenoid Valve
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Dust Collector Solenoid Valve

Qingdao Star Machine is a professional China dust collector solenoid valve manufacturer and air cleaning valves supplier. The bag type industrial air cleaning solenoid valve ensures continuous operation during dust removal.
The main cleaning methods of dust collector solenoid valve include mechanical vibration cleaning, reverse airflow reverse blowing cleaning, and pulse jet cleaning. Generally, one method is commonly used, and there are also several methods of cleaning ash that are combined. The acoustic cleaning method can be combined with other methods to improve the cleaning effect.
Due to the importance of dust removal collector solenoid valve and its accessories, Qingdao Star Machine has focused on researching the dust removal accessories of bag filters and dedicated to providing fast delivery and high quality dust collector solenoid valves.

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Product Description

Dust Collector Solenoid Valve:

Qingdao Star Machine's Dust Collector Solenoid Valves are widely used in various industrial factories: metallurgical industry, raw material injection, building materials industry, power plant, chemical industry, cement plant, aluminum plant, boiler, flue gas dust removal and other industries.

The dust Collector Solenoid Valve for the Optipulse fabric filters of different types.

. is a result of many years of experiences within the fabric filter technology area

. is quick acting with high efficiency

. has small dimensions, the figure after the name stands fir the diameter of the plunger

. is primarily designed to be used in combination with circular pressure tank

. is easy to install and make service to

. has a very robust design, designed for normal use at air pressure up to 600kPa (6bar)

. Normal max operating temperature (compact pulse valve) 50°C

Dust Collector Solenoid Valve specifications:

NAME piston pulse solenoid valve
MODEL OPTIPOW PULSE VAVLE 105(120V 60Hz)  V1617803-0400
Specification 3 INCH
VALVE STRUCTURE Pilot Membrane Structure
Power Supply DC Solenoid Valve

OPTPOW105 V1617803-0400 & Components and Parts

Product name Article number Pos. no.
OPTIPOW 105(24VDC) V1617803-0100
OPTIPOW 105 (110V 60Hz, 100V 50/60Hz) V1617803-0200
OPTIPOW 105 (110V 50Hz) V1617803-0300
OPTIPOW 105 (120V 60Hz) V1617803-0400
OPTIPOW 105 (220V 50Hz) V1617803-0500
OPTIPOW 105 (UR-CERTIFIED 120V 60Hz ) V1617803-0600
OPTIPOW 105 (without solenoid, revolving 90° C) V1617803-0800
Coupling Set( Valve House) V3592383-0000
Membrane V4549902-0100
O-Ring (Fluor rubber 64.5 x 3.1) 8003-5573
O-Ring (Nitril 70SH 645 x 3.1) 2136-1422
O-Ring (114.5 x 3.1) 2136-1435
Pilot cover V3630501-0100
Plate V3630524-0100
Plunger V3630527-0100
Round washer (SS3576-10-200HV FE/ZN45) 4903-2173
Rubber disc V3630530-0100
Rubber disc V3640611-0100
Solenoid valve(24 V DC) V3611471-0100
Solenoid valve (100 V, 60 Hz) V3611471-0201
Solenoid valve (110 V, 50 Hz) V3611471-0300
Solenoid valve (110 V, 60 Hz) V3611471-0200
Solenoid valve (120 V, 60 Hz) V3611471-0400
Solenoid valve (120V, 60 Hz-UL CERTIFIED) V3640645-0200
Solenoid valve (230V, 50 Hz) V3611471-0500

Dust Collector Solenoid Valve OPTPOW105 V1617803-0400 Dimension sketch and assembly


Each of Star machine china dust Collector Solenoid Valve is packed in carefully designed professional foam boxes to prevent our pulse valves from bumping, scratching and deformation during transportation.

Carton Packing Size:

Dust Collector Solenoid Valve Quantity Carton Packing Size
1pc 185mm*185mm*237mm
2pc 365mm*185mm*237mm
4pc 365mm*365mm*237mm
6pc 534mm*360mm*237mm

Product Features:

1. The dust Collector Solenoid Valve house is made of aluminum material and piston type structure, with strong resistance to action fatigue.

2. The dust Collector Solenoid Valve with piston ring design structure is more scientific and made of special materials, which will not be stuck by impurities in the medium,high action sealing performance and long service life.

3. The piston and metal valve chamber of dust Collector Solenoid Valve do not generate direct friction and will not get stuck, and the installation direction of the valve body is unrestricted.

4. Reasonable sealing materials and structures of dust Collector Solenoid Valve result in better sealing performance.

5. After stopping the action of dust Collector Solenoid Valve for a long time, restart it, and the action of it is equally sensitive.

6. The interface size of dust Collector Solenoid Valve is usually in accordance with national or international standards, and customers can customize special interfaces.

7. Use conventional products with a lifespan of over 1 million times.

8. A dust Collector Solenoid Valve with a jacket type sealed piston ring and a high-performance combination type sealed piston ring.

Products Images:

Warranty and Service

Every dust Collector Solenoid Valve and its spare parts like this OPTPOW105 valve is manufactured at our own factories and subject to strict quality controls. Our dust Collector Solenoid Valve meet the highest quality standards and are built to last. They are so good that we offer 1-years or 1,000,000 pulse times warranty extension,because we stand by the products we offer.

7*24hous*365 Expert On Line, whether it is accessories or the entire equipment, failure due to quality issues, it will be replaced free of charge during the warranty period.

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