Burkert Solenoid Valve
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Burkert Solenoid Valve

As an actuator, SMCC wholesale AC110V Burkert Solenoid Valve can be matched with different circuits to achieve the expected control of industrial equipment. Solenoid valve is a commonly used industrial equipment electromagnetic control switch. The control accuracy and flexibility of the solenoid valve are very high. Solenoid valve is the basic element of fluid automatic control, which is used to adjust the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of media in industrial control systems.


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Product Description

When SMCC quality AC110V Burkert Solenoid Valve is energized, the iron core generates electromagnetic attraction on the armature, and uses the electromagnetic force to switch the position of the valve core to change the direction of the airflow. When the power is cut off, the magnetic field disappears, and the armature resets and closes the valve under the action of the spring.

Product Parameter

NAME: AC110V Burkert Solenoid Valve,V3611471-0200
TYPE: Burkert
MODEL: 3/2-way solenoid valve; direct acting 0312-D-02,5-FF-MS-FB01-110 / DC-08 * JH54 - Bürkert
ARTICLE CODE: 00125079

Product Feature

An electromagnetic control valve is an electromagnetic control switch composed of an electromagnetic coil, iron core, armature, valve body, etc. The main function of AC110V Burkert Solenoid Valve is electromagnetic control of industrial equipment, used to adjust the direction, flow rate, speed, etc. of the medium.

Product Advantage

AC110V Burkert Solenoid Valve have the advantages of simple shape, compact structure, small volume, light weight, accurate action, fast response speed, long service life, no noise, no maintenance, easy installation, and convenient use.

Product Apllication

AC110V Burkert Solenoid Valve is mainly used Optipow series air cleaning vale.

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